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Voodoo DeVille

Voodoo DeVille is a band based in Chester County, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. The band was formed in 1998 by a like-minded group who enjoyed blues and related musical styles, but enjoyed playing them even more. While Chicago blues was our starting point, our repertoire has expanded to include jump, boogie, swing, early rock 'n roll, and rockabilly. They count many of the greats as our idols and influences but we don't feel bound to stick strictly to one style or one way of playing. If it's fun to play, then it's in their set list. The music is upbeat and danceable and proven to please a wide range of audiences.

Their first CD, Motorvator, reflects this approach to their music. When they picked the songs for this CD, we simply picked the songs that they love to play. These songs cover a range of styles but the heart of each song has solidly American roots. The goal was to create a CD that people will have fun listening to.

With they second CD, Lookin' For The Promised Land, you can hear Voodoo DeVille's own distinctive style of American Roots music emerging. This CD includes eight original songs. The humor that is threaded through many of the songs reflect the real joy they experience in playing their music.

Their latest CD, Live Wire, is from their live performances in at Chaplin's Music Cafe in Spring City, PA and the Roadhouse in Glenmoore, PA. It captures the energy of their live performances and introduces the new lead vocalist for the the band, Lori Cushman, who brings a whole new dimension to their shows.

Visit the Voodoo DeVille web site.