Roadhouse Redemption
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Shadows and Dust

In 1991, Jim Davis, Director of the City Gate Mission in Coatesville, PA and a Chaplain in the Chester County Prison, met one of the prisoners on D Block. Jim offered Rich a Bible and suggested that he read the Gospel of John and, if he believed it, to respond to it. Jim prayed for him and walked away. After his release, Jim began to write songs, which he shared with Jim, who was moved by his dark, sad, and strong music. As time went by, Rich would share new songs with Jim whenever their paths crossed. Rich, however, could not yet escape the temptations of his old addictions and continued to struggle.

Then, in 2011, Rich walked into City Gate drug free, carrying a pawn shop guitar. Jim and Rich sat down and started to play some of Rich's songs and have been playing together ever since. Over time, they added a few more musicians -- bass, drums and harmonica -- and began playing in local churches and at Chester County Prison. All the while, Rich has continued write, pouring his life's experiences into his music. The recordings in their first CD, Down and Under, will take you on a journey. It's the personal journey of a life lived -- from despair to hope, pain to joy, loneliness to community, selfishness to surrender.