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Porkroll Project

The Porkroll Project has a core of six members, but it's also a loose association of musicians who slip in and out as the situation requires. Alumni and subs were involved with recording of their 2009 CD, Shake It Twice, and the result is greater than the sum of its parts. Each player brought their own special ingredient to the stew, and when the heat is turned on, and the spices start to blend, slow and simmering, or rolling and boiling, you're going to taste some mighty fine music! In 2011 the band released Three Legged Dog, the band's eagerly anticipated 3rd release. This go round, the songwriting chores got spread around a little, and the result was a mix of great music. Both of these CD's were nominated for the Blues Foundation's Best Self-Produced CD competition. Each was recorded at Mike Bardzik's Noisy Little Critter studio in Downingtown, PA.

Vist the Porkroll Project web site.