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Georgie Bonds

As a young man in Philadelphia, Georgie was in and out of trouble. In the late 1970's, this led to a two year stint as a guest of the Federal government. Released in 1979, determined to straighten out his life, Georgie apprenticed as a blacksmith. For the next 14 years earned his living shoeing horses. While he had a lifelong love of music, Georgie didn't start performing until the 1990's. Inspired by a Robert Johnson tape loaned to him by a friend, he dedicated himself to the Blues. Beginning in 1994, a series of health issues confronted Georgie, including a near fatal reaction to prescription medication, kidney failure, and a double hip replacement. However, Georgie would not be denied, releasing his first CD, Sometimes I Wonder, in 2001. More challenges followed, both medical and financial, but with a little help from his friends, Georgie released his second CD in 2013, Stepping Into Time, receiving significant critical praise and scoring high in the national Blues charts. Check out these reviews and other information about Georgie in his Electronic Press Kit.

In 2015, Georgie endured a bout of hip surgeries and rehabilitation which kept him out of action for the first 6 months of the year. But he is back in the saddle Georgie and once again singing the Blues for his fans. In the Fall of 2015, Georgie released his third CD, titled "Hit It Hard." This recording reflects many aspects of Georgie's personal blues journey. The first track, "Pickin' Your Bones," is a tribute to Georgie's mentor–the great Sonny Rhodes–who guided him as a fledgling blues singer. The final track, "Another Year," laments the prospect of spending another year in jail. Georgie wrote this song, his first, as a young man during a two year stint in Federal prison. Between are songs of guilt and redemption, incarceration and freedom, toil and celebration, revenge and forgiveness, despair and wonder, loneliness and joy.

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